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Asset Division Attorney in Shelby County, Tennessee 

At my firm, I am committed to providing clear, knowledgeable, and dedicated representation to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of your marital assets.  

Tennessee is not a community property state. Asset division in Tennessee operates under the principle of equitable distribution. This means that while assets are divided fairly, it does not necessarily mean an equal 50/50 split. The court considers multiple factors to determine a fair division, including the length of the marriage, each party's contributions (both financial and non-financial), and each party's future earning potential. 

Located in Memphis, Tennessee, I serve clients throughout Shelby County, including the communities of Lenox, Nonconnah, Germantown, Bartlett, Arlington, and Millington. You can count on me to stand by your side, offering clear guidance and unwavering support throughout any family law matter.   

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Identifying Marital vs. Separate Property

A crucial first step in the asset division process is distinguishing between marital and separate property. Marital property includes assets and debts acquired during the marriage, while separate property encompasses assets one spouse owned before the marriage, as well as inheritances and gifts received by one spouse, even during the marriage.  

As your lawyer, I will work diligently to accurately identify and categorize all assets and liabilities accurately. Having a full understanding of your unique financial situation and your goals will allow me to argue on behalf of your goals and fight against any claim your ex tries to make for what rightfully belongs to you. I'll do everything in my power to ensure all marital assets are fairly considered in the settlement. 

The Importance of Evaluating and Valuing Assets

Properly valuing assets is another critical aspect of asset division. This includes real estate, investments, retirement accounts, businesses, and other valuable items. Accurate valuation ensures fair division and prevents future disputes over misrepresented asset values.  

As an experienced divorce attorney, I have a network of experienced appraisers, accountants, and other financial experts who can help provide precise valuations of your assets. Taking a collaborative approach enables me to advocate effectively on your behalf and strive for a fair financial settlement that respects your contributions and secures your future. 

Protect What’s Yours


Committed to Your Best Outcome

Financial stability after a divorce is fundamental. I am dedicated to helping you achieve a settlement that supports your financial well-being now and in the future. By considering all relevant factors and advocating for your contributions and needs, I aim to ensure that the asset division process does not unfairly compromise your lifestyle or financial security. 

My reputation for providing thorough, ethical, and effective representation in asset division cases is built on my commitment to my clients' best interests. I understand the profound impact that asset division can have on your future, and I will work tirelessly to obtain results that honor your contributions and meet your needs. 

While many asset division cases can be resolved through negotiation and mediation, some cases may require litigation to reach a fair conclusion. Regardless of the path your case takes, my primary goal is to protect your interests and achieve a just outcome.  

I will negotiate assertively on your behalf, seeking collaborative solutions wherever possible to avoid the adversarial nature of court proceedings. However, if litigation becomes necessary, I am prepared to represent you vigorously in court, presenting a compelling case to safeguard your financial future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I want you to be as prepared as possible going into your divorce. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions I receive from my clients about asset division in Tennessee: 

How long does the asset division process typically take? 

The duration of the asset division process can vary significantly based on several factors, including the complexity of your financial situation, the level of cooperation between both parties, and whether the case goes to court. In simpler cases where both parties agree on asset distribution, the process might be resolved relatively quickly through negotiation or mediation.  

However, if disputes arise and litigation is required, the process can take several months or even years. My goal is to facilitate a fair and efficient resolution, keeping your best interests in mind throughout. 

Can I keep my retirement account during the asset division process? 

Retirement accounts are often considered marital property if contributions were made during the marriage. As such, they may be subject to division during the asset division process. However, there are legal mechanisms, such as Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs), that can allow for the fair division of retirement accounts without incurring penalties. I will work closely with financial experts to ensure that your retirement assets are accurately valued and fairly divided, taking into account your future financial security. 

What happens if my spouse is hiding assets?

If you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets, it is crucial to bring this to my attention immediately. Hiding assets is both unethical and illegal. I will employ thorough investigative techniques, including working with forensic accountants and other professionals, to uncover any concealed assets.  

Transparency is key to achieving an equitable division of assets, and I am committed to ensuring that all marital property is disclosed and fairly assessed to protect your interests. 

Asset Division Attorney in Shelby County, Tennessee

If you are facing asset division issues in Shelby County, Tennessee, reach out to my firm. I am here to offer experienced and compassionate support, guiding you through each step of the process. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation today to discuss how I can help you protect your rights and best interests.